U-Turn OK!… says Tianjin Metro

If there is any one place, or any one Metro system in the world, where a U-turn is OK… that’d be the Tianjin Metro!

No ox. (That’s a nicer way of saying “no b•ll”.) Take a look at this…

Well, OK… the Chinglish is nearly as real as the English. But hey, there’s a minor gap between the two lingos. A U-turn is 掉头 (diao tou) in Chinese, but what about the 标志 (biao zhi)? That’s Chinese, simply, for “signpost”.

Ideally, it’d read “U-Turn Signpost”, but apparently, “U-Turn OK” is OK. So yeah, next time you’re in the Tianjin Metro and you’ve totally lost it, feel free to… execute a few U-turns…

…Because the signage said so!

Taken 23 December 2010 in Tianjin

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