Private Airport Lounges: You Must SING to CALL the Waiter!

The best things about private airport lounges are (a) I get access to these things; (b) you get a room to yourself (if nobody else is there at that time).

So if you feel like playing Robbie Williams at 400 dB, you’re more than free to do that provided nobody goes deaf or something.

Unfortunately, the waiters (or waitresses) there won’t come in and serve you, even if you make yourself go deaf, unless you..

…Uh yeap… Sing Call.

That’s the button you push (with all your might no less) to expect any kind of service. And nope, contrary to what the button says, there’s no wireless microphone for you — to sing (to call the waiters), as in…

I’m wondering what to sing if I have to do that to catch the attention of the passing waiter — either for a free refill of tea or to tell the guy (or lady) to keep an eye out on my Macs as I empty myself out at the nearby loo…

Those damned private airport lounges! You have to sing to get served…

Taken 6 December 2009 in Guangzhou, Guangdong

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