The Corniest Audiovisual Chinglish

No idea where I found this… but it has to be pretty weird…

How about the ticker you see in many a radio / audio set in your car… you know, the one that goes FM 87.6, FM 90.5, FM 97.4 and (at times) SCAN ERROR (and stuff)… all the time? How about showing WELCOME TO MY AUDIO WORLD on these things?

This whole “welcome” thing also leads itself into another aspect of Chinglish: There have been countless times when I’ve boarded a taxi, only to be greeted by the generic Chinglish refrain (especially heard zillions of times in Guangzhou): “Welcome to take my taxi!”.

Unless I’ve my grammar in a mess, I think we’re not supposed to use such “sick phrases” (that’s another bit of quasi-Chinglish) like “Welcome to take my taxi”!…

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