Toilet Chinglish: The LORD is watching over you…

For us gents, we can choose between doing “Number 1” in the Men’s Room or (for absolute emergencies) letting a massive explosion rip in the “Number 2” rooms. More often than not, it’s a simple case of a “Number 1”.

Heaven help, then, the LORD that’s watching over us — do our thing (be that a mere two-seconder or what happens after you go after litres upon litres of ice tea). That’s right. While at some odd toilet urinal, your Chinglish watcher spotted over a urinal (auto sensor) that simply called itself — the —

Yes. Pray that you will be fine… the LORD is here to solve your problems that — probably isn’t quite fit for this blog (yet).

I admit: this company calls TOTO owns much of Beijing’s urinals. Probably the LORD is a little bit upset at this monopoly and wants in on the bit of — stinky money as well…

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