(Pinyin + English + Chinglish) x Randomness =

This is the worst language-related formula ever!

Consider me lost. First, on the top: “Daxing No. 5 Middle School” and the “Huangcun Railway Station”.

Immediately below that: weird Pinyinese: DAXINGQU DIBA XIAOXUE and the ultra-long in name BEIJINGYIDONG DAXING FENGONGSI. Riiight…

My issues:

1. Why is the Middle School properly translated into English whereas the Elementary School beneath it is left in totally make-all-expats-in-town-lost Pinyinese?

2. Doesn’t BEIJINGYIDONG (Beijing Mobile) have a “proper” English name?

3. Why on earth all of this weird random mix between Pinyin and English? Is this Chinglish on steroids?…

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