Chengdu Chinglish: Wating At The Airport

I hate planes because they force you to stop tweeting while onboard. I tweet like mad, and it’s often on… well, for example, Chinglish with @lonniehodge and @sg_panda.

That latter guy — @sg_panda (Ma Huaqing Samuel) — was actually super-kind enough to spend three full days with me in Chengdu, a place hitherto unfamiliar to me. But the unfamiliarity vanished into thin air as soon as I caught sight of some quality Chinglish at Shuangliu Airport.

Apparently, in Chengdu, you need not wait for a taxi; you just have to wat for it.

Now that I know…!

What It Should Read: Taxi Waiting Area
Taken 03 February 2011 in Chengdu

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