ATM Chinglish Offers You… Fake Banknotes?

Note this bit here: BOTH Â¥100 NOTES ARE AVAILABLE. If we elect to forget the 1980 series of Chinese Renminbi Yuan banknotes (since they’re an increasing rarity here), one could easily mistake this fair bit of ATM Chinglish as — the ATM coming out with counterfeit notes (if your imagination’s that up to speed!)…

So — OK… both Â¥100 notes are available… that means the real notes and the fakes. Right?

Apparently, some ATMs were made to give notes in smaller values as well (such as Â¥50 and, as I spotted years back, even Â¥10!), so this ATM thought: wait, maybe I’ve a few Â¥50 notes as well… Nope. Some unsuspecting local snatched it all!…

So the ATM goes: I’ll tell you what. Let me, apparently… offer you the choice between real notes and fake notes

What It Should Read: ¥100 NOTES ARE AVAILABLE
(just get rid of the “BOTH”)
Taken 09 September 2011 in Beijing

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