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The “Huanopu”: Shanghai’s Very New Chinglish River

According to this map, that wide river in Shanghai that splits Puxi from Pudong isn’t called the Huangpu, but — the Huanopu. That’s not even supposed to be a Chinglish bug, by the way. This is wholesale, outright Hanyu Pinyin. It’s … Continue reading

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Stairs + Chinglish = Airstairs?

Airstairs! The brand new innovation in Chinese supermarkets! Just like ’em Kung Fu movies… just hop ‘on a passing cloud, say some weird spell, and — go up a floor to the clothes you want! Unfortunately, there’s nothing too airy … Continue reading

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Is That Plant Too Sensitive for Some Chinglish?

As if the mainland Chinese Web wasn’t sensitive territory yet… Now we have sensitive plants as well! Wife Tracy and I picked this up at the Carrefour in Beijing. I wonder what would happen if the plant hit something, or … Continue reading

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Shopping for Chinglish in Beijing…

Shin Kong Place is the best mall in Beijing — if you are after the Chinglish, that is. In mid-November 2008, I capture some of the oddest Chinglish there. Including this funny little snip: Parking Shin Kong Place. Welcome Shin Kong … Continue reading

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Gelivable Chinglish in Harbin!

Talk about the most gelivable, or “cool” (in Chinglish), hotel! I’m now in Harbin with wife Tracy on a Chinglish teaching assignment (no joke: the Chinglish book landed me a month-long teaching assignment in northeastern China’s wilderness). Our school is … Continue reading

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Caution of the Stair… You’d Better Be Careful…

Aaarghh!! Those treacherous stairs… They’ll attack you whenever they feel like it! Either that, or probably you might want to be careful of those stairs. You know — probably you might want to think twice before you do the Macarena … Continue reading

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Take Care Of Your Chinglish Treasures

Seriously… I wonder what happens if I push that red button. I’m… a little intrigued. Maybe if I push that it’ll show scarier Chinglish… Riiight… Either that, or it’s a treasure itself. As in the Chinglish: Take Care Of Your … Continue reading

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Chinglish… from the People’s Republic of “Chian”…

Ai ya. Again. I thought this was flashback to Chinglish I saw at Zürich Airport in the late 1990s, when folks stepping off Air China flights to the Swiss version of Shanghai picked up bags proudly declaring themselves to be … Continue reading

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Chinglish That Considers Trains To Be… Planes

Ai ya. This is when you start realizing that the guy that did the translation had no idea between the difference between trains and planes. But hey, with the CRH380BL blazing past 487.3 km/h on a test run in early … Continue reading

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Next Station: CPU Metro Station…!?

Would you board a Metro train taking you to the “CPU station”? If you’re in Nanjing, you’d probably have no choice. But that’s only true if you’re headed for the China Pharmaceutical University Station on the new extension to Metro … Continue reading

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