Next Station: CPU Metro Station…!?

Would you board a Metro train taking you to the “CPU station”?

If you’re in Nanjing, you’d probably have no choice. But that’s only true if you’re headed for the China Pharmaceutical University Station on the new extension to Metro Line 1 — a station that, like many other stops named after educational institutions, all are shortened to acronyms and initials throughout the whole line.

And talking about that CPU thing: There’s a chain store selling clothes calling themselves CPU as well. What’s this CPU obsession in China all about?

As one of my fellow class mates would say when the system went wrong: I’LL BUST OUT YOUR CPU!

Let’s hope the CPU of the Metro train doesn’t have to be busted out…

What It Should Read: China Pharmaceutical University station
Taken 12 October 2011 in the Nanjing Metro

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