Shopping for Chinglish in Beijing…

Shin Kong Place is the best mall in Beijing — if you are after the Chinglish, that is.

In mid-November 2008, I capture some of the oddest Chinglish there. Including this funny little snip: Parking Shin Kong Place. Welcome Shin Kong Place.

Add the Shin Kong Place bit at the top, and that’s three times we’ve seen Shin Kong Place on this parking ticket. It’s time to give a little break already!

On a more personal note: winter 2008-2009 has seen some amazing Chinglish. I’m sharing those with you soon. We are nearly at 2,200 cases of perfect Chinglish (in the offline database): this site isn’t going away any time soon… heh…

What It Should Read: Welcome to Shin Kong Place Parking Lot
Taken 17 November 2008 in Beijing

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