City Avenues with Chinglish Characteristics

Beijing’s Subway Line 4 is amongst one of the less Chinglishier lines for the simple reason that Honkers (folks from Hong Kong) are running the show. Being a former British colony, it’s little surprise that fellow HK folks can pull off English with the least bit of Chinglish — apart from the occasional Honkish Shroff (the cashier’s in a parking lot)…

Sadly, the Beijing MTR has failed to make Line 4 totally Chinglish-free. Right at the former southern terminus, Gongyixiqiao, is this bit of Chinglish by Exit D, pointing you to the City Avnnue.

C’est pas exactement French here, I might want to add. It’s not English either. Guess what: It’s Chinglish!

What It Should Read: City Avenue
Taken May 2010 in Beijing

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