Beijing Chinglish for an Audience of “Foreignets”…

The cartoon police has dictated that the three things in blue type are prohibited!

The language police has also decreed that the presence of obnoxious Chinglish ought to be prohibited!

When the cops mix the expatriates with magnets — foreignets — they either think of the drug dealers off Sanlitun coming in as a magnet for weirdness and criminal acts — or they might have just pulled this one wrong as a typo.

I’m pleased to be a law-abiding foreign magnet (“foreignet”), though. And I hope every last “foreignet” can be one as well. Including the drug traffickers. Even Enimem said it pretty well… short ‘n’ snappy: DON’T DO DRUGS.

What It Should Read: Foreigners
Taken June 2011 in Beijing

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