Vaguelish: “Vegetable”… OK, Which Kind?

Uhh, yeah… and while I might have sympathies for those who unfortunately are vision impaired, at least I can fully well see that this thing that the label’s clinging onto is a vegetable.

It doesn’t look like anything else. Like, say — oh well, this being a David Feng blog — a train ticket.

The thing is, what kind of a vegetable is this? There are loads of them. I’m picking a few off my favourites list: broccoli, cauliflower… carrot? (My wife’s always in the kitchen. I’m no cook!)

Rather than being vague (and making the expats store Jenny Lou’s look odd), the label might grow a little extra brains and tell folks what the heck the thing is — oh wait. That looks like spinach…

So say it’s spinach! On the label…

What It Should Read: Vegetable
Taken summer 2011 in Beijing

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