The Jiong Chinglish Book •《囧图就在你身边: 雷人 Chinglish》图书

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It’s finally here (since May 2011): David Feng’s book in Chinglish. Well, to be more precise, about Chinglish — in Chinese. For more details, click here to see a full introduction on David Feng’s own website and blog.

This book will be on tour in China. The author of the book is presently in Harbin, presenting this book in northeastern China.

书来了! 有冯琰 (David Feng) 著作的《囧图就在你身边: 雷人 Chinglish》一本书,以后就可以和「Chinglish」(中式英文) 说「Bye bye」了… 从上千张 Chinglish 筛选出 275 张,让你轻松过英文关!


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