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Emerica the Beautiful

Emerica, Emerica… Yep, indeed. It’s no longer just America that’s entitled to be “the Beautiful”. The Chinese Shanzhai variant, Emerica, has equal rights for that… I can only hope that the United States doesn’t sue this Shanzhai company — you’ll render … Continue reading

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Do Not Pause When You See Fire Facilities

There’s no need to be polite about it — just help yourself to the thing. Don’t dare pause — not even for a split sec! It’s either that — or a sign that you’re in a passageway to be kept free … Continue reading

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An Order from the Chinese Rail Gods: Do Not Lie Down!

Apparently, the underground passageway for exiting riders is not the ideal substitute for a bed (or one of those super-deluxe seats in Business Class). For if you attempt to lie flat there, you’ll be hurried out of the place — … Continue reading

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Is that light OFF — or NO?

Ah, Premier (deluxe) Class on the Chinese high speed railways. God class. Where everybody treats you like a right royal rider, and you get free Dezhou Braised Chicken for free (apparently). Oh — and it also comes, on CRH380A trains, with … Continue reading

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Slipping In Some Slipped Chinglish

I’ve slipped in some Chinglish and now y’all are all slipped! Probably this sign carries a bit of “wishful thinking” in that it “wishes” upon those who read it — a quick slip — so that you’re on the floor reading this. … Continue reading

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No Push, No Pull, Yes Chinglish…!?

OK, then get me out of here! I’m stuck… in a place where I can neither pull nor push a — freakin’ door! This bit of classical Chinglish finds itself on a folding door. It’s unique in that it can’t be … Continue reading

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Self-Servicing Yourself to Some Italian Chinglish Tickets…

Un po’ d’italiano here in the city of the West Lake, Hangzhou — the Self-servico Ticket Office… Trouble is, for the average expat without a second-generation PRC ID card, these machines in that office laden with Chinglish are — well, just … Continue reading

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Yes-sir-ee… It’s THE Toilet. THE Chinglish Toilet…

There can only be one Presidential Palace in the whole of China — even if it belongs to a former regime on the mainland. And in that vein, there can only be one toilet in that very same palace. Right? … Continue reading

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Heilongjiang’s Model of Civilized Chinglish Windows…?

To Heilongjiang, an uncivilized window would be one where it’d be dirty, rotten, smashed, and full of obnoxious Chinglish. Either that, or… At times, the Chinglish here can just be amazing. If all you are reduced to doing in the … Continue reading

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Carrefour Chinglish: What A Laughathon!

My wife and I had a field day during our first Carrefour adventure. The Chinglish was just awesome. Let’s just go through a few… Check Points: Null problemo… Good condition of the window: OK, like no scratches or stuff… Trolley … Continue reading

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