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City Avenues with Chinglish Characteristics

Beijing’s Subway Line 4 is amongst one of the less Chinglishier lines for the simple reason that Honkers (folks from Hong Kong) are running the show. Being a former British colony, it’s little surprise that fellow HK folks can pull … Continue reading

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Next Station: CPU Metro Station…!?

Would you board a Metro train taking you to the “CPU station”? If you’re in Nanjing, you’d probably have no choice. But that’s only true if you’re headed for the China Pharmaceutical University Station on the new extension to Metro … Continue reading

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U-Turn OK!… says Tianjin Metro

If there is any one place, or any one Metro system in the world, where a U-turn is OK… that’d be the Tianjin Metro! No ox. (That’s a nicer way of saying “no b•ll”.) Take a look at this… Well, … Continue reading

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