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An Order from the Chinese Rail Gods: Do Not Lie Down!

Apparently, the underground passageway for exiting riders is not the ideal substitute for a bed (or one of those super-deluxe seats in Business Class). For if you attempt to lie flat there, you’ll be hurried out of the place — … Continue reading

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When You Take the Escalator… with Chinglish on it…

I’m at a loss for words. This sign just outright doesn’t make sense. It — like — ends halfway through where it’s not supposed to end! It’s madness total. When you take the elevator safety… what will happen?… Plus, it’s … Continue reading

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Self-Servicing Yourself to Some Italian Chinglish Tickets…

Un po’ d’italiano here in the city of the West Lake, Hangzhou — the Self-servico Ticket Office… Trouble is, for the average expat without a second-generation PRC ID card, these machines in that office laden with Chinglish are — well, just … Continue reading

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Tlatform? Flatform? Railway Station Chinglish Fall Flat on Its Face…

This fair bit of Chinglish is from Yuquan, just southeast of Harbin, in a part of Heilongjiang where I am sure there is no living expat. And yet they insist on sticking some English at the train station. OK, that … Continue reading

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