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Is that light OFF — or NO?

Ah, Premier (deluxe) Class on the Chinese high speed railways. God class. Where everybody treats you like a right royal rider, and you get free Dezhou Braised Chicken for free (apparently). Oh — and it also comes, on CRH380A trains, with … Continue reading

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Take Care Of Your Chinglish Treasures

Seriously… I wonder what happens if I push that red button. I’m… a little intrigued. Maybe if I push that it’ll show scarier Chinglish… Riiight… Either that, or it’s a treasure itself. As in the Chinglish: Take Care Of Your … Continue reading

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Chinglish That Considers Trains To Be… Planes

Ai ya. This is when you start realizing that the guy that did the translation had no idea between the difference between trains and planes. But hey, with the CRH380BL blazing past 487.3 km/h on a test run in early … Continue reading

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